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Правообладатель: Nicoventures Holdings Limited  Globe House,  1 Water Street  London WC2R 3LA  (GB)Представитель:Baker & McKenzie LLP  100 New Bridge Street  London EC4V 6JA  (GB)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:3434 - Cigarettes; tobacco, raw or manufactured; tobacco products; tobacco substitutes (not for medical purposes); cigars; cigarillos; lighters for smokers; matches; smokers' articles; cigarette paper; cigarette tubes; cigarette filters; pocket apparatus for rolling cigarettes; hand held machines for injecting tobacco into paper tubes; electronic cigarettes; cartridges for electronic cigarettes; liquids for electronic cigarettes; tobacco products for the purpose of being heated; devices and parts for devices for heating tobacco; tobacco substitutes for the purpose of inhalation; cigarettes containing tobacco substitutes; cigarette cases; cigarette boxes; snus with tobacco; snuff with tobacco; snus without tobacco; snuff without tobacco; tobacco free oral nicotine pouches (not for medical use).