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Правообладатель: ZHEJIANG VALUE M&E PRODUCTS CO., LTD.  The South Side of Jiulong Avenue,  Industrial Park of Wenling City  Zhejiang  (CN)Представитель:ZHEJIANG HUICHENG INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS AGENT CO., LTD.  Room 15-4, 15-5, 15-6,  No. 37, Zhenru Center,  Haishu District, Ningbo  Zhejiang  (CN)
Венская классификация:26.03.05; 27.05.17
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:07, 08, 097 - Vacuum pumps being machines; suction pumps; centrifugal pumps; compressed air pumps; pressure regulating valves; machines for separating recyclable materials; compressors being machines; hand-held hydraulic tools; hydraulic valves; electric hammers; valves being parts of machines; centrifugal machines; hand-held tools, other than hand-operated; cutting machines; compressed air machines; gas separating installations; pumps being machines; air suction machines; gas separating machines.8 - Hand tools, namely, saws; hand tools, namely, wrenches; hand tools, namely, expanders; manually-operated jacks; pipe cutters; hand-operated cutting tools; hand-operated shears; handles for hand-operated hand tools.9 - Vacuum gauges; hygrometers; anemometers; gas testing instruments; manometers; surveying apparatus and instruments; gauges; noise level meters; pressure measuring apparatus; electrotechnical vibration meters; scales; weighing machines; thermometers, not for medical purposes; pressure indicators; meters; anemometers; precision measuring apparatus; flowmeters; solenoid valves.