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Правообладатель: Yanchao Xu  Room 302, Unit 2, Building 10,  Quanjing Tianyuan Xiuyuan,Shizhong District,  Jinan City  250000 Shandong Province  (CN)Представитель:jim Huang  C/O Sannic, Second Floor,  Berkeley Square House  LONDON W1J 6BD  (GB)
Венская классификация:01.01.05; 01.01.10; 24.17.02; 26.11.25; 26.13.25; 27.05.01
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:08, 09, 14, 18, 25, 358 - Sharpening stones; nail clippers, electric or non-electric; axes; money scoops; table cutlery [knives, forks and spoons]; side arms, other than firearms; knives; can openers [non-electric]; pliers; hand tools, hand-operated; folding knives; spades [hand tools]; shovels [hand tools]; mincing knives [hand tools]; punch rings [knuckle dusters]; truncheons; daggers; sabres; abrading instruments [hand instruments]; screwdriver.9 - Signal lanterns; directional compasses; bullet-proof waistcoats; fire extinguishers; life-saving apparatus and instruments; protective masks; safety helmets; cases for spectacles and sunglasses; spectacles; photovoltaic apparatus and installations for generating solar electricity; telescopes; earphones; phone cases; walkie-talkies; devices for wireless radio transmission; sunglasses; respiratory mask filters; protection devices for personal use against accidents; protective industrial shoes; electric batteries; periscopes; camcorders.14 - Precious metals; jewellery boxes; bracelets [jewellery]; brooches [jewellery]; chains [jewellery]; tie clips; diamonds; jewellery; medals; statues of precious metal; rings [jewellery]; cuff links; commemorative medals; lapel badges of precious metal; clocks; wristwatches; straps for wristwatches; watch chains; chronographs [watches]; watch pouches; sports watches; watches for outdoor use; jewelry rolls for travel; pins [jewellery]; badges of precious metal; key chains [split rings with trinket or decorative fob]; works of art of precious metal.18 - Walking sticks; umbrellas; bags; backpacks [rucksacks]; leather cord; game bags [hunting accessories]; hiking sticks; mountaineering sticks; alpenstocks; straps for soldiers' equipment; bags for sports; belt bags and hip bags; key cases; garment bags for travel; haversacks; travelling sets [leatherware]; handbags; bags for campers; bags for climbers; barrel bags.25 - Overalls; waist belts; hosiery; waistcoats [vests]; gloves as clothing; hats; ankle boots; military clothing; rain boots; hiking shoes; spiked running shoes; clothing for wear in wrestling games; sports shoes; boots; waterproof clothing; cyclists' clothing; skirts; children's clothing; snow boarding suits; jackets [clothing]; overcoats; vests; suits; shirts; scarves; shoes; wind coats; raincoats; military coats; climbing boots; clothing for wear in judo practices; fight shorts for mixed martial arts or grappling; snow suits.35 - Wholesale services for pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary preparations and medical supplies; office machines and equipment rental; rental of vending machines; business management consultancy; advertising planning; outdoor advertising; personnel management consultancy; business management for freelance service providers; import-export agency services; marketing services; business management of hotels; business management and organization consultancy; rental of office equipment in co-working facilities; telephone switchboard services; sales promotion for others by means of privileged user cards; online retail services relating to clothing; online retail services relating to handbags; provision of an on-line marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services; online retail store services relating to clothing; retail services in relation to bags; wholesale services relating to cups and glasses; retail services relating to sporting goods; retail services in relation to sporting equipment; online retail store services featuring bags; online retail services relating to jewellery; wholesale services for hand-operated tools for construction; wholesale services for kitchen knives.