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Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:03, 05, 16, 21, 303 - Mouth rinses, not for medical purposes; non-medicated mouth rinses; breath fresheners; breath freshening sprays; breath freshening strips; breath fresheners, not for medical use; toothpaste; toothpastes; mouthwashes, not for medical purposes; non-medicated mouthwashes; cleaning preparations for the teeth; cosmetic preparations for the care of teeth; gels for teeth cleaning; non-medicated preparations for the care of the teeth; preparations for cleaning teeth; preparations for cleaning the teeth; tooth care preparations; tooth cleaning preparations; non-medicated soap-based handwashes; household detergents having disinfectant properties; cosmetic soaps; facial soaps; household detergents having disinfectant properties; soap free washing emulsions for the body; washing products for use on the person.5 - Antiseptic mouthwashes; hand-sanitizing preparations; alcohol-based antibacterial skin sanitizer gels; sanitizing preparations for household use; sanitising wipes; antibacterial handwashes; antibacterial wipes; cleaning cloths impregnated with disinfectant for hygiene purposes; disinfectant soap; disinfectant washes other than soaps; disinfectants; disinfectants for household use; disinfectants for hygiene purposes; disinfectants for medical apparatus; disinfectants impregnated into tissues; household disinfectants; disinfectants for hygienic purposes; disinfectants for chemical toilets; antibacterial soap.16 - Facial tissues of paper; paper tissues; paper tissues for removing make-up; paper wipes for cleaning; tissues of paper for removing make-up; toilet tissue; face towels of paper; hand towels of paper; face towels of paper; paper towels; paper wipes; cellulose wipes.21 - Dental floss; dental tape; floss for dental purposes; electric toothbrushes; toothbrushes; toothbrushes, electric.30 - Bubble gum; non-medicated chewing gums; chewing gum for breath freshening; mints (candies, non-medicated); mints for breath freshening; confectionery; candies.