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Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:35, 36, 37, 39, 41, 4435 - Business management of hospitals; administrative management of hospitals; placement of medical and nursing personnel; updating, maintenance and systemisation of data in computer databases for the exchange of patient-oriented documents and information; business organisation of treatment and management processes in clinics using a computer network; professional business and organisational consultancy for doctors, hospitals; business advisory services relating to disasters.36 - Financial management services relating to hospitals; financial management services relating to medical institutions.37 - Building construction; building of hospitals; erecting of inpatient hospitals; construction of medical establishments; erecting of mobile hospitals; installation work for mobile and stationary hospitals; repair services for mobile and stationary hospitals; installation, repair or maintenance of medical machines and apparatus; maintenance and repair of ships; construction and ship conversion.39 - Ambulance transport; rescue services (salvaging and transport); ship chartering; transport; boat transport; packaging and storage of goods; transportation of containers; container storage; skip hire service; rental of space, structures, units and containers, for storage and transportation; transportation of passengers by boat; arranging of transportation for travel tours.41 - Education and instruction services; providing of training and further training in the field of medical service; education services relating to medicine; arranging and conducting of conferences; organising and provision of medical instruction courses; arranging and conducting of medical advanced training; publishing of medical publications.44 - Medical services; medical counseling; consulting services in the healthcare field; hospital services; medical treatment services; medical screening; rental of equipment for medical purposes; rental of hospital equipment; rental of medical materials and equipment; provision of medical services; human hygiene and beauty care; consultancy and information services relating to medical products.