Международный товарный знак №1595651
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Правообладатель: Liveo Research AG  Hochbergerstr. 60B  CH-4057 Basel  (CH)Представитель:Walder Wyss AG  Seefeldstrasse 123,  Postfach  CH-8034 Zürich  (CH)
Венская классификация:05.01.03; 05.01.05; 05.01.16
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:05, 16, 17, 425 - Capsules for medicines; empty unit-dose capsules for pharmaceutical use; medicinal preparations for the mouth in the form of drops, capsules, tablets or compressed tablets.16 - Packaging materials of plastic, paper or cardboard for the pharmaceutical industry; plastic materials for packaging; sheets, films and bags of plastic materials for wrapping and packaging; plastic films used for packaging food products; laminated plastic film packaging materials; packaging, namely, laminated and film blister packs; packaging materials of plastic, cardboard or paper and all other packaging materials, included in this class; packaging, namely protective films for blister packs for pharmaceutical products and ampoules; single layer or multilayer polymer film, paper-based film or film blister packaging.17 - Packing, stopping and insulating materials; plastic film, other than for wrapping; plastic film blister packaging for pharmaceutical and medical products; plastic films intended for use as laminated plastic films; plastic materials in extruded form for industrial use; polyurethane films used as barriers against moisture and gases; polypropylene film other than for packaging; shrink film for labels and soft capsules; foils of metal for insulating; multi-layer aluminum foils as caulking, stopping and insulating materials; multi-layered composite films and sheets made of polymer, film and paper layers, coated and non-coated, for use in the manufacturing industry; biodegradable polymer films for use in the manufacturing industry; stiff polymer films for use in the manufacture of credit cards, debit cards, customer cards and other similar cards; polymer coating films, coated and non-coated, for use in the manufacturing industry; rolls and sheets of polymer films for use in the manufacturing industry; transparent, translucent, opaque and colored polymer films for use in the manufacturing industry; printed plastic films for use in the manufacturing industry; single-layer or multilayer polymer films for use in the preparation of packaging for consumer goods; polypropylene film for packaging.42 - Scientific and technological services as well as research and design services relating thereto; research and development in the field of packaging for medicines; industrial research and industrial drawing; packaging design; design and development of computers and software; scientific laboratory services; quality control services; consultancy concerning the design and development of pharmaceutical packaging.