Международный товарный знак №1603190 SPECULOV
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Правообладатель: Morning Star International SA  Steinerbergstrasse 43  CH-6410 Goldau  (CH)
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:3030 - Cocoa and cocoa-based preparations, cocoa-based spreads (creams), spreads based on biscuits, cookies, speculoos (caramelized biscuits), coffee and/or chocolate; chocolate; cereal bars; chocolate bars; chocolate-filled bars, muesli snack foods; biscuits and cookies; cocoa-based beverages; coffee-based beverages; candy; chocolate candy; waffles; buns; cream brioches; brownies; breakfast cereals; "chocolatines" (chocolate croissants); churros; peanut-based confectionery; almond-based confectionery; corn flakes; chocolate desserts; chocolate-coated nuts; cakes, tarts and pies, biscuits and cookies, waffles; ice milk; muesli, granola; muffins; panettone; chocolate spreads containing nuts; popcorn; pancake syrup; touron (almond, hazelnut and nougat confectionery); frozen yogurt (confectionery ices), ice creams, sauces for ice cream; sauces; dulce de leche, fruit coulis [sauces], doughnuts.