Small is Powerful

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Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:01, 05, 07, 09, 10, 35, 40, 41, 42, 441 - Active chemical ingredients for use in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals; biochemical substances [other than for medical use]; biochemical preparations other than for medical use; biological substances [other than for medical or veterinary use]; biological activators; biological inoculants, other than for medical use; biological preparations for use in industry and science; substances for promoting plant growth; plant growth regulating preparations; preservatives for plants; plant extracts for use in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals; chemical substances for use in the production of drugs; chemicals for the protection of plants [other than fungicides, weedkillers, herbicides, insecticides, parasiticides]; nanopowders for industrial purposes.5 - Biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer; biochemical preparations for veterinary use; biological adjuvants for medical purposes; biological preparations for medical or veterinary purposes; biochemical preparations for medical use; biotechnological preparations for medical use; diagnostic preparations for medical or veterinary purposes; pharmaceutical preparations and substances; insecticides; parasiticides; medical preparations; medicinal preparations and substances; medical and veterinary preparations and substances; medicine; preparations of microorganisms for medical or veterinary use; weedicides; mixed biological preparations for medical purposes; fungicides.7 - Absorbing machines for chemical processing; sorting machines [for chemical processing]; disintegrators [for chemical processing]; presses for chemical processing; filtering machines for chemical processing; dust collecting machines for chemical processing; chemical handling machines; material production and processing machines; machines for the handling of materials; cyclones for particle collection in grinding operations; electromechanical machines for chemical industry; blending machines for chemical processing; machines for producing particles.9 - Bioinformatics software; apparatus for the transmission of data; apparatus for recording data; data collection apparatus; data communications software; digital recordings; data recorded electronically; particle detecting apparatus; particle size analyzers; particle flow monitors; interactive databases; downloadable computer software for the management of data; computer software relating to the medical field; nanoparticle size analysers; data storage media; computer programmes for data processing; data loggers; data storage programs; databases (electronic); database engines; database synchronization software; computer documentation in electronic form; databases; computer database servers; computer programs for accessing, browsing and searching online databases; computer software for database management; computer software to automate data warehousing; computer software for application and database integration; computer software for creating searchable databases of information and data; computer software for authorising access to data bases; electronic databases recorded on computer media.10 - Apparatus for analysing substances [for medical use]; testing apparatus for medical purposes; pharmaceutical instruments; particle analyzers for medical use; implantable subcutaneous drug delivery devices; medical analytical apparatus for medical purposes; medical apparatus for introducing pharmaceutical preparations into the human body; nanorobots for medical purposes.35 - Retail and wholesale services of pharmaceutical equipment, instruments, preparations and medical supplies; providing advice relating to the marketing of chemical products; compilation of statistical data relating to medical research; retail services in relation to medical instruments; wholesale services in relation to medical instruments; retail services in relation to medical apparatus; wholesale services in relation to medical apparatus; assistance, advisory services and consultancy with regard to business planning; providing advice relating to sales methods and techniques; health care cost management; compilation and systemization of information into computer databases; compilation and input of information into computer databases; data entry and data processing; compilation of data into computer databases.40 - Material treatment information; processing of biopharmaceutical materials for others; custom manufacture of biopharmaceuticals; bioremediation services; custom manufacture of pharmaceuticals; modification of particles using chemical or physical processing and transformation; provision of information relating to chemical processing; custom manufacture of medical devices for others; microencapsulating services provided for others.41 - Advice relating to medical training; publishing scientific papers in relation to medical technology; conducting of educational seminars relating to medical matters; publishing of medical publications; publication of medical texts; organization of seminars and conventions in the field of medicine.42 - Analysis in the field of molecular biology; analytical laboratory services; advisory services relating to biochemistry; biochemistry consultancy; biochemical research and analysis; biochemical research and development; biochemical engineering services; research and development services in the field of biochemistry; scientific research relating to biology; biological research and analysis; biomedical research services; biological research laboratory services; biological development services; biological research, clinical research and medical research; preparation of biological samples for testing and analysis in research laboratories; research relating to biotechnology; consultancy relating to biotechnology; biotechnology testing; research in the field of pharmacogenetics; consultancy relating to research in the field of pharmacogenetics; consultancy pertaining to pharmacology; pharmaceutical products development; pharmaceutical research and development; conducting clinical trials for pharmaceutical products; pharmaceutical drug development services; development of pharmaceutical preparations and medicines; services for assessing the efficiency of pharmaceuticals; testing of pharmaceuticals; pharmaceutical product evaluation; design of particles in the processing of pharmaceutical solids; services of a chemical and/or biological laboratory; clinical trials; provision of information and data relating to medical and veterinary research and development; design and development of computer software for use with medical technology; medical and pharmacological research services; providing medical and scientific research information in the field of pharmaceuticals and clinical trials; design and development of medical technology; consultancy relating to pharmaceutical research and development; drug discovery services; inspection of pharmaceuticals; research on the subject of pharmaceuticals; research relating to molecular sciences; providing on-line non-downloadable software for database management; electronic storage services for archiving databases; services for the provision of technological information; technological consultancy; providing information about industrial analysis and research services; biotechnological research relating to industry; information on the subject of scientific research in the field of biochemistry and biotechnology; scientific research for medical purposes; scientific research in the field of pharmacy; scientific research conducted using databases; providing scientific and technological information; clinical research; providing information about the results of clinical trials for pharmaceutical products; design and development of computer database programs; consultancy relating to the design and development of computer database programs; rental of a database server (to third parties); installation, maintenance and updating of database software; reconstruction of database systems for others; design and development of software for database management; database design and development; development, updating and maintenance of software and database systems; hosting of databases; hosting of computerized data, files, applications and information; writing of computer programs for medical applications; computer programming in the medical field; research and development for the pharmaceutical industry; research and development in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology fields; conducting early evaluations in the field of new pharmaceuticals.44 - Consultancy and information services relating to biopharmaceutical products; pharmaceutical services; provision of pharmaceutical information; advisory services relating to pharmaceuticals; medical information services provided via the internet; rental of apparatus and installations in the field of medical technology; pharmacy advice; medical counseling; medical screening; medical information; medical analysis services relating to the treatment of persons provided by a medical laboratory; providing medical information; medical analysis services; advisory services relating to medical apparatus and instruments; advisory services relating to medical problems; preparation and dispensing of medications; providing information relating to the preparation and dispensing of medications.