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Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:03, 05, 21, 28, 303 - Bleaching preparations; laundry detergent; laundry additives; cleaning preparations; polishing preparations; scouring substances; abrasive preparations; soap; perfumery and fragrances; essential oils; cosmetics; hair care lotions; dentifrice; cotton balls for cosmetic purposes; make-up pads of cotton wool.5 - Pharmaceuticals; veterinary preparations; dietetic substances adapted for medical use; bactericides; salts for mineral water baths; air deodorising preparations; swabs for medical use.21 - Household or kitchen utensils; kitchen containers; household containers; combs; sponges; make-up brushes; brushes; material for brush-making; cleaning articles; glassware not included in other classes; porcelain ware; ceramics for household purposes; earthenware not included in other classes; works of art made of earthenware; cosmetic utensils; powder compacts [cases]; powder compacts; eyebrow brushes; eyelash combs; mascara brushes; nail brushes; applicators for cosmetics; perfume vaporizers; toilet cases; flasks; make-up removing appliances; comb cases; gloves for household purposes.28 - Games; toys; gymnastic and sporting articles; decorations for Christmas trees.30 - Coffee; tea; cocoa; sugar; rice; tapioca; sago; artificial coffee; flour; preparations made from cereals; bread; confectionery; sweetmeats [candy]; ice cream; honey; treacle; yeast; baking powder; salt; mustard; vinegar; sauces [condiments]; condiments; ice.