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Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:03, 29, 30, 31, 32, 333 - Cleaning preparations; polishing preparations; de-greasing and abrasive preparations; detergents; general purpose cleaning liquids; javelle water (bleach); floor cleaning liquids; glass cleaning liquids; dishwashing liquid; cleaning agents; washing machine powder; hand washing powder; dry-cleaning preparations; water softeners for dishwashers and washing machines; metallic abrasive sponges; moist wipes for cleaning purposes; cleaning wax; sandpaper; floor wax; shoe creams, polishes and wax; soaps, cream soaps; shampoos; bath foams; cosmetics; facial masks; hair grooming products; hair masks, creams and lotions; cosmetic creams; shaving preparations; shaving foam; after-shave preparations; depilatories; disinfectant gels and pre-moistened disinfectant wipes; cotton buds for ears; perfumery; essential oils and fragrant substances; bath salts; perfume; perfumed tissues; deodorants; dental bleaching gels; toothpaste; breath freshening preparations; processed synthetic cellulose sheets for cleaning; products for removing contaminants and colorants.29 - Meat and game; meat extracts; charcuterie; bacon; cured sausages; ham; tinned meat; poultry; fish; fish fillets; preserved fish (tinned); pulses; beans; lentils; peas; chickpeas; butter; peanut butter; milk and dairy products; cheese; cheese products; yogurt; sour cream; whipped cream; edible oils and fats; corn oil; maize oil for food; margarine; olive oil; sunflower oil; palm oil; sesame oil; olive paste; eggs; frozen vegetables and fruits, frozen meat, poultry, fish and seafood; frozen french fries; frozen eggs; vegetables and nuts, preserved; dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; cooked vegetables; vegetable broth; vegetables in vinegar (pickles); tomato puree; vegetable salads; canned mushrooms; preserved fruits (tinned); fruit jellies; fruit salads; fruit pulp; gelling agents for cooking use; jams; compote; raisins; dried figs; soups; vegetable soups; soy milk; tahini; dried nuts; processed walnuts; processed almonds; processed peanuts; roasted chickpeas; processed hazelnuts; processed sunflower seeds; processed pumpkin seeds; candied fruits; dried nuts; tomato juice for cooking; tomato pastes.30 - Coffee; coffee substitutes; tea; cocoa; sugar; fructose; rice; tapioca; sago flour and preparations made from grains and cereals; sesame bar; yeast; baking powder; all-purpose dough; dough flour; pancakes; dough for pies and pizza; croissants; filo pastry for pies and pastry; corn flour; semolina; cereal flakes; corn flakes; oat flake; muesli; frumenty; popcorn; bread; bakery products; sourdough bread; bread for toasted sandwiches; toast; crackers; biscuits; biscuits for tea; cookies; rusks; cereal bars and energy bars; cake; confectionery; curry pastes, chocolate pastes; ice cream; chocolate; chocolate paste and hazelnut paste; wafers; rice cakes; pralines; nachos; cheese curls; drinking chocolate; cocoa beverages; barley prepared for human consumption; corn, processed; honey; molasses syrup; salt; pepper; seasonings; star anise; condiments; mustard; ketchup; mayonnaise; vinegar; ice; chewing gum; caramels [candy]; halvah; chocolate syrups, flavoring syrups; pasta; lasagne.31 - Agricultural, horticultural and forestry products, excluding those that belong to the botanical genus phascolus; fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs excluding those that belong to the botanical genus phaseolus; fresh fruit and vegetables excluding those that belong to the botanical genus phaseolus; fresh salads that do not contain ingredients consisting of agricultural products of the botanical genus phascolus, fresh vegetable salads that do not contain ingredients consisting of agricultural products of the botanical genus phaseolus.32 - Fruit and vegetable beverages and juices; fruit juice beverages, fruit-flavoured beverages; beverages consisting of a blend of fruit and vegetable juices; concentrated fruit juice; aerated fruit juices; aloe vera juices; tomato juice [beverage]; soft drinks; non-alcoholic beverages; non-alcoholic cocktails, non-alcoholic fruit cocktails; aperitifs, non-alcoholic; energy, isotonic, carbonated beverages; water-based beverages containing tea extracts; sorbets; bottled drinking water; mineral and aerated waters; soda water; syrups for making beverages; powders for the preparation of beverages; beer and brewery products.33 - Alcoholic beverages; preparations for making alcoholic beverages; alcoholic cocktails.