Международный товарный знак №1580030
Номер регистрации: 1580030 Дата регистрации: 09.12.2020Базовая заявка:FR, 02.12.2020, 4708128 Дата истечения срока действия регистрации:09.12.2030
Правообладатель: LOUIS VUITTON MALLETIER  2 rue du Pont-Neuf  F-75001 PARIS  (FR)Представитель:SOCIETE LOUIS VUITTON SERVICES Madame Sophie REGISSER  Direction Propriété Intellectuelle,  2 rue du Pont Neuf  F-75001 Paris  (FR)
Венская классификация:05.05.19; 05.05.20; 25.07.25
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:09, 14, 18, 259 - Eyewear; sunglasses; spectacles [optics]; spectacle frames; spectacle lenses; spectacle chains; spectacle cords; spectacle cases; containers for contact lenses; sleeves for laptops; bags designed for laptop computers; cases especially made for photographic apparatus and instruments; covers for smartphones; cases for smartphones; straps for mobile telephones; protective films designed for smartphones; grips, rings and holders adapted for smartphones; selfie sticks; protective face shields; protective masks; protective chin straps; protective gloves; mouse pads; binoculars; protective helmets for sports; sports whistles; directional compasses; apparatus and instruments for sound or image recording, transmission, reproduction or processing; loudspeakers; headphones; earphones; hands-free kits for telephones; smart watches; connected bracelets [measuring instruments]; downloadable computer software applications; downloadable music files; digital or analog recording and storage media; USB flash drives; smartphones; electronic tablets; photographic apparatus; personal stereos; portable media players; compact disk players; cassette players; record players; microphones; sound recording disks; chargers for electronic apparatus; animated cartoons; downloadable game software; downloadable electronic publications; downloadable graphic elements for mobile telephones; downloadable emoticons for mobile telephones.14 - Jewelry and jewelry articles; rings and finger rings [jewelry]; earrings; cuff links; bracelets [jewelry]; bracelets of embroidered textile materials [jewelry]; jewelry charms; brooches [jewelry]; chains [jewelry]; necklaces [jewelry]; pendants [jewelry]; medallions [jewelry]; amulets [jewelry]; jewelry cases; pins [jewelry]; tie pins; tie clips; jewelry boxes; boxes of precious metals and their alloys; medals; pearls [jewelry]; semi-precious stones; precious stones; diamonds; jewelry for bags; charms for key rings; key rings; statues of precious metals and their alloys; works of art of precious metals and their alloys; figurines and statuettes of precious metal; timepieces; watches; wristwatches; watch bands; watch cases; dials [timepieces]; watch chains; chronometers; presentation cases for watches; clocks; alarm clocks; chronometric instruments; movements for timepieces.18 - Bags; backpacks; handbags; traveling bags; suitcases [carrying cases]; attaché cases; wheeled bags; net bags for shopping; trunks [luggage]; suitcases; traveling trunks; vanity cases, not fitted; travel sets [leatherware]; garment bags and shoe bags for travel; hat boxes of leather; boxes of leather or leatherboard; wallets; purses; card cases [wallets]; business card cases; key cases; address tags for luggage; leather labels; leather cord; shoulder belts of leather or imitation leather; straps of leather or imitation leather; girths of leather; leather and imitations of leather; bags for transporting animals; collars for animals; leashes; clothing for pets; umbrellas; parasols and sunshades; whips; walking sticks; saddlery; furniture coverings of leather.25 - Clothing; tee-shirts; shirts; short-sleeve shirts; overalls; vests; sweaters and pullovers; jerseys [clothing]; knitwear [clothing]; coats; jackets; parkas; raincoats; overcoats; hoods [clothing]; ponchos; suits; combinations [clothing]; dresses; skirts; skorts; shorts; trousers; boxer shorts; leggings [trousers]; underwear and underclothing; pajamas; nightgowns; dressing gowns (robes); bathrobes; bathing suits; bathing trunks; corsets [underwear]; collars [clothing]; detachable collars; Ascots; cuffs [clothing]; kimonos; layettes [clothing]; belts [clothing]; money belts [clothing]; scarves and long scarves; shawls; stoles; bandanas [neckerchiefs]; pocket squares; neckties; suspenders; gloves [clothing]; fingerless gloves; mittens; muffs [clothing]; ear muffs [clothing]; neck scarves and mufflers; headwear; hats; beanies; headbands [clothing]; caps; cap peaks; socks; tights; stockings; masks for sleeping; footwear; footwear and shoes; sports footwear; boots; ankle boots; esparto shoes or sandals; sandals; gaiters; après-ski footwear; slippers and bedroom slippers.