Международный товарный знак №1576871 DM DIMARCO
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Правообладатель: Oliinyk Oleksandr Petrovych  vul. Kropyvnytskogo, 24/26, kv. 10  m. Odesa 65059  (UA)Представитель:Voropaieva Nataliia Mykolaivna  vul. Sierova, 35, kv.16  m. Odesa 65091  (UA)
Венская классификация:27.05.01; 27.05.22
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:11, 2011 - Hot air apparatus; air deodorizing apparatus; tanning apparatus [sun beds]; ionization apparatus for the treatment of air or water; desiccating apparatus; whirlpool-jet apparatus; hand drying apparatus for washrooms; water filtering apparatus; swimming pool chlorinating apparatus; steam facial apparatus [saunas]; water softening apparatus and installations; lighting apparatus and installations; underfloor heating apparatus and installations; hydromassage bath apparatus; laundry room boilers; bath tubs; ventilation [air-conditioning] installations and apparatus; pressure water tanks; water conduits installations; water intake apparatus; water heaters; water purification installations; water purifying apparatus and machines; water supply installations; water flushing installations; flushing tanks; hydrants; disinfectant apparatus; deodorizing apparatus, not for personal use; disinfectant dispensers for toilets; showers; shower cubicles; taps for pipes and pipelines; mixer taps for water pipes; taps; heaters for baths; stoves [heating apparatus]; hot air bath fittings; heating apparatus, electric; purification installations for sewage; turkish bath cabinets, portable; urinals being sanitary fixtures; air-conditioning apparatus; washers for water taps; anti-splash tap nozzles; sanitary apparatus and installations; bath fittings; toilet seats; bath tubs for sitz baths; sterilizers; clean chambers [sanitary installations]; laundry dryers, electric; drying apparatus; drying apparatus and installations; toilets [water-closets]; toilets, portable; wash-hand basins [parts of sanitary installations]; toilet bowls; bath installations; water distribution installations; sauna bath installations; refrigerating appliances and installations.20 - Bamboo; showcases [furniture]; packaging containers of plastic; mirrors [looking glasses]; divans; towel dispensers, fixed, not of metal; screens for fireplaces [furniture]; shelving units; indoor window blinds [furniture]; mats, removable, for sinks; chests of drawers; beds; mattresses; furniture; furniture of metal; trestles [furniture]; wickerwork; mirror tiles; pillows; shelves for storage; bathtub grab bars, not of metal; bedding, except linen; rattan; sofas; racks [furniture]; seats; shower chairs; seats of metal; portable desks; tables; tea trolleys; stools; dressing tables; bathroom vanities [furniture]; washstands [furniture]; cupboards; deckchairs; screens [furniture]; lockers.