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Правообладатель: Midea Group Co., Ltd.  B26-28F, Midea Headquarter Building,  No.6 Midea Avenue, Beijiao,  Shunde, Foshan  Guangdong  (CN)Представитель:CCPIT Patent & Trademark Law Office  10/F, Ocean Plaza,  158 Fuxingmennei Street  100031 Beijing  (CN)
Венская классификация:27.05.01
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:07, 09, 11, 217 - Pressure regulators [parts of machines]; dynamos; dynamo belts; generators of electricity; industrial robots; mechanical arm for industrial use; pumps [machines]; automatic handling machines [manipulators]; starters for motors and engines; electric motors for refrigerators; air filters [engine parts]; regulating valves; taps [parts of machines, engines or motors]; engines, other than for land vehicles; motors, other than for land vehicles; compressors for refrigerators; compressors [machines]; turbo compressors; compressed air machines; charging sweepers; electromechanical food preparation machines; wrapping machines; electric kitchen machines; electric blenders for household purposes; electric fruit presses for household purposes; dry cleaning machines; mixing machines; dishwashers; washing machines [laundry]; wringing machines for laundry; dust removing installations for cleaning purposes; electromechanical beverage preparation machines; electric juicer; electric machines and apparatus for cleaning; electric beaters; vacuum cleaners; mills [machines]; steam mops; cleaning appliances utilizing steam; coffee grinders, other than hand-operated; electric food processors; juice grinders for food industries; 3D printers; AC servo motors; condensing installations; refrigerated vending machine; noodle making machines; power operated meat grinders; shearing machines for animals; electric feeder for animals; beer pumps; garbage disposal units; stators [parts of machines]; vegetable slicers; electric whisks for household purposes; sealing machines for industrial purposes; apparatus for drawing up beer under pressure; spin driers [not heated]; thermostatic control valves for machines; aerating pumps for aquaria; soda-pop making machines; apparatus for aerating water; electric machines for making aerated drinks; drums [parts of machines]; ironing machines; bottle sealing machines; electric scissors; electric shearing machines; electric screw vegetable slicers; electronic industry equipment; electrically operated curtain drawing devices; meat mincers [machines]; aerocondensers; compressors for air conditioners; meat choppers [machines]; vending machines; automatic vacuum cleaners; filtering machines; brewing machines; hand-held tools, other than hand-operated; automatic food packing machines; beverage processing machines; apparatus for aerating beverages; agricultural machines; incubators for eggs; electric salt mills; woodworking machines; papermaking machines; diaper producing equipment; printing presses; dyeing machines; tea processing machines; tobacco processing machines; leather-working machines; bicycle assembling machines; potters' wheels; industrial marking machines; battery making machines; cord making machines; machines for processing local agricultral products; spin-driers for silkworm eggs; machines for making chopsticks; peeling machines; machines for making pens; machines for making wax; machines for knitting straw mats; machines for manufacturing enamel; machines for manufacturing bulbs; coalball machines; machines for pharmaceutical processing industry; embossing machines; glass-working machines; machines for manufacturing fertilizer; electromechanical machines for chemical industry; drilling machines; cutters [machines]; oil refining machines; mechanical shovels; elevators [lifts]; punch presses; moulding machines; steam condensers [parts of machines]; carburetters; turbines, other than for land vehicles; pushpin making machines; machines for making buttons; machines for manufacturing electrical wires; optic cold processing equipment; gas separating equipment; painting machines; air cylinders [parts of machines]; bearings [parts of machines]; belts for machines; electric welding machines; labellers [machines]; electric shoe polishers; racket stringing machines; robotic exoskeleton suits, other than for medical purposes; joints for aviation refuellers; liquid tanks [parts of machines].9 - Semi-conductors; electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations; heat regulating apparatus; air analysis apparatus; electronic chips; integrated circuits; temperature indicators; vacuum tubes for radios; food analysis apparatus; transducers; thermostats; control panels [electricity]; electric switches; voltage regulators; electronic numeric displays; remote controllers for household purposes; remote controllers for projectors; electronic key [remote-controlled divices]; remote control apparatus; transponders; optical lenses; humanoid robots with artificial intelligence; downloadable cellular phone applications; downloadable computer software applications; virtual reality headsets; security surveillance robots; recorded computer programs; alarms; pocket computers; detectors; digital door locks; data processing apparatus; smartphones; surveying apparatus and instruments; smoke detectors; electronic weight scales; electric theft prevention installations; electric batteries; battery chargers; materials for electricity mains [wires, cables]; electric locks; monitors [computer programs]; scales; portable electric sources [rechargeable batteries]; electronic access control devices for interlocking door; weighing apparatus and instruments; video monitors; downloadable computer programs; modems; couplers [data processing equipment]; electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of signals; monitoring apparatus, other than for medical purposes; printers for use with computers; protection devices for personal use against accidents; face recognition equipment; bathroom scales; portable digital electronic scales; remotely deployable spike strips used to stop cars by puncturing tyres; portable scales; light conducting filaments [optical fibers]; holograms; animated cartoons; chemistry apparatus and instruments; electronic scales for kitchen use; dictating machines; photocopiers [photographic, electrostatic, thermic]; laboratory robots; petri dishes for laboratory use; incubators with constant temperature for laboratory use; incubators with constant humidity for laboratory use; gasification devices for laboratory use; bioreactors for laboratory use; glassware for use in scientific experiments; body fat scales for household purposes; radiological apparatus for industrial purposes; scales with body mass analysers; invoicing machines; inductors [electricity]; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; voting machines; Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment [ERNIE]; carpenters' rules; car audio equipment; fire extinguishers; lamp boxes in the nature of illuminated advertising devices; photo printers; cameras [photography]; egg-candlers; material testing instruments for chemical or physical experiments and composition analysis; electronic navigation equipment; electrified fences; electrolysers; eyeglasses; ticket printers; infrared detectors; acid proof gloves for protection against accidents or injury; hemline markers; decorative magnets; audiovisual teaching apparatus; chronographs [time recording apparatus]; computers; electronic collars for animal training; test tubes; audio scales; sports whistles; thermostats for vehicles; simulators for the steering and control of vehicles; microphones for remote communication devices; microphones for communication devices; lightning arresters; apparatus to check stamping mail; droppers for measuring, other than for medical or household purposes; testing apparatus not for medical purposes; skin moisture testing apparatus not for medical purposes.11 - Bread-making machines; heated display cabinets; extractor hoods for kitchen use; electric multicookers; electric ovens for household purposes; drying apparatus and installations; microwave ovens [cooking apparatus]; roasters; cooking apparatus and installations; cooking stoves; electric autoclaves for cooking; gas cookers; electric coffee machines; electric pressure cookers; electric laundry dryers; electric lamps; electric cookers; electric cooking utensils; electric kettles; electric frying pans; induction cookers; electric food steamers; electric rice cookers; air purifying apparatus and machines; air conditioning installations; air-conditioners; fabric steamers; fans [air-conditioning]; electric hair driers; pocket warmers; gas lighters; stoves [heating apparatus]; electric radiators; heating installations; heating and cooling apparatus for dispensing hot and cold beverages; domestic fireplaces; water purifying apparatus and machines; water filtering apparatus; disinfectant apparatus; dampers [heating]; heat pumps; gas burners; burners; electric stoves; pipes [parts of sanitary installations]; ventilation [air-conditioning] installations and apparatus; water dispensers; freezers; refrigerators; flushing apparatus; cooling appliances and installations; refrigerating display cabinets; ice machines and apparatus; sanitary apparatus and installations; solar water heaters; water closets; water heaters for the use of washing (gas or eletric heating); bath fittings; heaters for baths; electric wine cellars; toilet seats; USB-powered hand warmers; portable electric foot baths; heat-storage warmers; refrigerating appliances and installations; cooling installations and machines; refrigerating chambers; refrigerating containers; ice makers; ice-lolly machines; machines for manufacturing ice creams; heating apparatus; coffee roasters; laboratory lamps; laboratory burners; charcoal ovens for household purposes; household water purifiers for household purposes; tap filters for household purposes; electric water purifiers for household purposes; electric radiant heaters for household purposes; electric cookers for household purposes; ultrasonic sterilizers for household purposes; lighters; LED driers for nail polish; walk-in refrigerators; water purifying machines; water purification installations; hydromassage bath apparatus; water softening apparatus and installations; automobile lights; air conditioning equipment for automobiles; bath installations; bath microbubble generators; sterilizers; sterilizers for household purposes; hot water bottles; lighting apparatus and installations; gas ovens for household purposes; milk sterilizers; hair dryers for barber shops; electric coffee makers; electric foot baths; electric coffee pots; electric coffee percolators; electronic candles; electric slow cookers; electric stew pots; electrically heated clothing; electric heating casseroles; electric heating braisers; germicidal lamps for purifying air; air sterilization equipment; nail lamps; polymerisation installations; water purifying installations; smoke generating machines for creating special theatrical effects; steam facial apparatus; steam facial apparatus [saunas]; ornamental fountains; smoked ovens for outdoor barbecue; lava rocks for use in barbecue grills; electric heating cushions and pads, not for medical purposes; electric food warmers; filters for drinking water; drinking water filtration equipment; hair driers; soybean milk machines for household purposes.21 - Flat-iron stands; ironing boards; insulating flasks; kitchen containers; kitchen utensils; non-electric heaters for feeding bottles; scoops [tableware] for household pruposes; containers for household or kitchen use; non-electric blenders for household purposes; carpet sweepers; jugs; stir-frying spoons made of iron; stew-pans; griddles [cooking utensils]; cookery moulds; non-electric autoclaves for cooking; cooking pots; frying pans; electric toothbrushes; iron pans; pot lids; earthenware saucepans; heat-insulated containers; non-electric pressure cookers; non-electric coffeepots; disposable chopsticks; stainless steel cutting boards; vacuum bottles; vacuum flasks [insulating flasks]; isothermic bags; chopsticks for children training; knife rests; cutting boards; materials for brush-making; roller tubes for peeling garlic; combs for animals; toothbrushes for animals; water troughs for animals; animal-activated animal feeders; animal-activated livestock waterers; spoon shovels [tableware]; mess-tins; make-up removing appliances; cosmetic facial cleansing devices; garlic presses; cutting boards for kitchen use; graters for kitchen use; chopping blocks for kitchen use; non-mechanical portable waterers for pets; straw cups; coffee services [tableware]; coffee cups; plastic lunch boxes; finger toothbrushes for infants; pet feeding bowls; litter boxes for pets; litter trays for pets; brushes for pets; pet feeding utensils; toothbrushes for pets; automatic litter boxes for pets; hair removing brushes for pets; hair removing combs for pets; automatic feeders for pets; automatic pet feeding bowls; pet drinking bowls; indoor aquaria; chocolate making moulds for household purposes; containers for household purposes; non-electric whisks for household purposes; pudding moulds; wide-mouth glass bottles with sealed screw lids; flat-bottomed glasses; pans; corkscrews; electric or non-electric corkscrews; bottle openers; electric or non-electric bottle openers; services [dishes]; cooking pot sets; hand-operated machines for making noodles; hand-operated coffee grinders; Japanese teapots; travelling mugs; mugs; cups; cupcake moulds; cupcake baking cups; combs; moulds [kitchen utensils]; crystal [glassware]; fruit cups; fruit bowls; cruet sets for oil and vinegar; stir fry pan; baking cups; non-electric cooking pans; pans for frying eggs; non-electric frying pans; gas hot pots; toothbrushes; water apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums; litter trays for cats; glasses [receptacles]; glass flasks [containers]; glass jars; bottles; china ornaments; electric brushes, except parts of machines; electric hair brushes; heads for electric toothbrushes; electric and non-electric aromatic oil diffusers, other than reed diffusers; electric combs; floss picks driven by batteries; salt cellars; table plates; insulating vacuum bottles; stone pots; bowls [basins]; chopsticks; chopsticks containers; confectioners' decorating bags [pastry bags]; slender glasses; urns; pots; pepper pots; tea services [tableware]; teapots; teacups; wine openers; garlic presses [kitchen utensils]; steamer baskets; cake moulds; cake decorating tips and tubes; electric devices for attracting and killing insects; spice sets; cruets; metal lunch boxes; scoops [household or kitchen utensils]; not electrically heated hot pots; non-electric eggbeaters; non-electric coffee grinders; non-electric coffee percolators; non-electric coffee filters; non-electric stir fry pans; non-electric cooking steamers; non-electric meat grinders; non-electric teapots; non-electric food steamers; hand-operated noodle machines; glass jars for food preservation; thermally insulated containers for food; thermally insulated containers for food or beverages; draining racks for tableware; lunch boxes; rice scoops for household purposes; drinking glasses; cookie and biscuit cutters; electric and non-electric candle warmers.