Международный товарный знак №1579502 GIVITA
Номер регистрации: 1579502 Дата регистрации: 27.12.2020Базовая регистрация:EM, 15.10.2020, 018265286 Базовая заявка:EM, 02.07.2020, 018265286 Дата истечения срока действия регистрации:27.12.2030
Правообладатель: Guccio Gucci  5 Lonsdale Road  London W11 2BY  (GB)
Венская классификация:25.01.25; 26.13.25; 27.05.01
Классы МКТУ и перечень товаров и/или услуг:03, 18, 21, 25, 333 - Cleaning and fragrancing preparations; essential oils and aromatic extracts.18 - Umbrellas and parasols; luggage, bags, wallets and carrying bags; girths of leather; labels of leather; document cases of leather; boxes of leather or leatherboard; boxes made of leather; saddlery, whips and apparel for animals.21 - Statues, figurines, plaques and works of art, made of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass, included in the class; unworked and semi-worked glass; unworked or semi-worked glass, except building glass; tableware, cookware and containers.25 - Clothing; footwear; articles of clothing, footwear and headgear; headgear.33 - Alcoholic beverages (except beer).